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The business and intellectual property litigation attorneys at Vukmanovic Law Group (VLG), assist clients in a wide-range of intellectual property litigation matters. From trademark infringement and copyright issues, we have experience with various types of disputes involving IP. We are able to provide expertise in litigation as well as other dispute resolution forums such as binding arbitration and mediation.

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We have experience resolving intellectual property disputes through alternative dispute resolution and litigation.


Trademarks help a company grow its brand identity and are an important part of a company’s success. At VLG, our attorneys represent both plaintiffs and defendants in trademark-related disputes, including trademark infringement or unfair competition matters. Our methods include quick steps for resolution, and if necessary, initiating litigation and seeking immediate injunctive relief (temporary restraining orders, preliminary and permanent injunctions). We have also successfully defended clients accused of violating trademark law.


Copyrights give a person or entity the exclusive right to control and profit from literary, artistic or musical material. Copyright infringement occurs when a third party copies, reproduces or otherwise uses copyrighted material without authorization. Call VLG today if you are facing accusations of copyright infringement, or if you believe a third party infringed upon your protected material.

Internet Litigation

The Internet is constantly evolving, and Internet litigation attorneys must stay up-to-date on any changes in the law that governs its use. VLG’s attorneys remain at the forefront of federal and state law that governs Internet use. Our Internet litigation services include:

  • Internet defamation, libel and slander
  • Internet class actions
  • Computer Fraud Act
  • Computer crimes
  • Social media litigation

VLG prosecuted an action on behalf of a client who held intellectual property rights and rights of publicity in the U.S. and various countries around the world relating to a well-known Hollywood figure. VLG acted quickly to enforce its client’s rights, which included the cease and desist of unauthorized use and display of the figure’s image, as well as unauthorized production.

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