Alternative Dispute Resolution

Many people feel the “go-to” way to resolve business disputes is to initiate litigation and take the dispute to the courts. While litigation is often times necessary, this can be incredibly costly and time consuming. Many times there are other methods available to resolve disputes through the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”) in California

The Vukmanovic Law Group, APC (VLG), and its experienced Orange County business law attorneys have helped numerous businesses, business owners and corporation shareholders resolve disputes via arbitration, mediation and settlement conferences. We appreciate that many of our clients stand to benefit from the cost- and time-savings aspects of ADR. Please speak to one of our Los Angeles and Orange County lawyers to see if ADR could be the best solution to your company’s situation.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution vs. Traditional Litigation

Traditional litigation can be costly and take months or years to reach a final judgment. ADR methods are often less costly, take less time and allow all parties to have more control over the timing and the eventual outcome of the dispute. ADR methods include:

  • Mediation: Mediation is a dispute settlement process whereby a third party oversees the proceedings and tries to bring about a resolution among adverse parties. The parties have the opportunity to present evidence and share their side of the dispute as they work toward a settlement. The mediator will help clear up misunderstandings and hone in on the true issues presented by the dispute. The mediator will then present his or her opinions and possible solutions. The proposed solution(s) are not binding on the parties.
  • Arbitration: With an arbitration, a neutral third party oversees the proceedings, listens to arguments, evaluates evidence and then offers his or her rulings. Unlike mediation, however, which is non-binding, an arbitrator’s decision will often be binding on all parties involved in the proceedings.

What Disputes Can Be Resolved Through the ADR Process?

Phrased more appropriately, the above question should read “what disputes cannot be resolved through the ADR process?” Any business dispute could be resolved through some method of ADR so long as both parties agree.For example, ADR can be used to resolve claims involving:

ADR has become so popular that many contractual agreements require the parties to attend mediation and/or arbitration to resolve disputes, effectively eliminating traditional “court” litigation as an option.

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