Corporate, Partnership and Shareholder Disputes

Business Litigation Attorneys

Business relationships can be complex, difficult to understand and even more difficult to resolve if the business has problems. While good working relationships between partners or other managers can produce success in business, disagreements can spell disaster. Such disputes need to be resolved quickly and efficiently in order to prevent business disruption.

At Vukmanovic Law Group, APC (VLG), we have worked tirelessly to resolve significant shareholder or partnership disputes. Contact our Los Angeles partnership dispute lawyers online or call toll-free (888)341-5942 to discuss your case.

We Solve Business Disputes

Our attorneys have experience handling many types of corporate, shareholder and partnership dispute issues, including:

  • Operating agreement or shareholder agreement disputes
  • Disbursement and salary-related issues
  • Employment-related issues
  • Disagreements relating to access to records or documents
  • Business succession disputes
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Individual shareholder liability issues
  • Violation of non-competition agreements and non-solicitation agreements
  • Usurping corporate opportunities or misappropriating trade secrets
  • Defamation

Many business and partnership disputes can be addressed through a mediation process. Our corporate dispute attorneys can help you determine whether mediation or some other alternative dispute resolution mechanism is right for you. If, however, it comes to litigation, VLG provides aggressive, highly effective representation with your company’s business objectives in mind.

Claims Against Corporate Managers, Directors, Officers

VLG’s attorneys take very assertive, targeted early steps to force the claimant to produce evidence to support that a corporate manager, director and/or officer should be held personally liable. The business judgment rule has a high threshold for this kind of liability, and our aggressive attorneys make sure that if a plaintiff seeks to pierce the corporate veil, there is sufficient evidence to do so. If there is not, we move swiftly to dismiss these potentially damaging claims.

VLG’s philosophy is to mount strong defenses, exposing the holes in allegations whenever possible to limit the liability of the company and its individual representatives. By forcing a plaintiff to disclose his or her theory behind personal liability, we can preemptively show a claim to be without merit and dismiss the case, or possibly narrow the claims prosecuted. Often, exposing the weakness in a plaintiff’s claims early leads to a quick, favorable resolution through settlement.

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