"As in-house litigation counsel for an Illinois company with a national presence, John's ability to crystallize the legal issues unique to California and our case were indispensable and critical to achieving a favorable result for all parties involved. It was a pleasure working with John and his team. Whenever I have an issue in California, he will be the first attorney I call for advice." R. Cunningham

"John defended our company and parent Japanese company in a large dispute involving an alleged breach of contract. John recommended an offensive posture and urged us to file a cross-complaint against the plaintiff. His aggressive style led to a terrific settlement at mediation, and before heavy litigation costs were necessary. John guided us through every step in the process, and gave us an idea of what to expect along the way. We felt comfortable throughout because of John's hands-on work and involvement. John went beyond expectations, weighing every option and truly having our best interests in mind. John is an incredibly passionate and intelligent lawyer that I highly recommend to my business associates and friends. Thank you John!" J. McQueen

"I am a full time mediator and have had the pleasure of working with John Vukmanovic several times in mediation. Mr. Vukmanovic understands the timing, process and emotions of mediation and settlement, and he cares about his clients and their goals, needs and interests. His demeanor lends itself well to the facilitation of resolution yet he is a strong advocate at the same time. He serves his clients well, understands the law, and has a maturity well beyond his years in law practice." David I. Karp, Mediation Services

"I am the founder and CEO of the Georgiou Clothing line with several retail locations throughout the United States. Initially, John was recommended to us by our local attorney to represent our company in Southern California. Over the past several years we have called on John to represent us in various contract and commercial lease disputes involving our California store locations, as well as our more broad corporate disputes. John has always been very responsive, reliable and reasonable. I have always been pleased with his firm's work product, which I think is of the highest quality. Whenever a legal issue presents itself in Southern California, he is the first person I call for advice and guidance. I wish you good health so we can continue to count on you and thank you John for always being there for us!" G. Georgiou

"I presented an exclusive rights breach of contract (commercial lease) case to many lawyers, none of which would take my case. When I was ready to give up, John took my case and we were able reach a favorable settlement. John has always guided me in the right direction, and in so doing has relieved me of many headaches. I admire his sincerity and punctuality when getting things done. His services are not only greatly appreciated, but also highly recommended. Now, I do not only consider him my lawyer but also a good friend. Thank you John!" A. Ybarra

"I met John in 2008 when I was looking for an attorney to collect over $81,000.00 from one of our customers in the Los Angeles area. It took 3-plus years, but his persistence helped us not only collect the $81,000.00 balance due, but over $30,000.00 worth of interest and attorney's fee as well. He does not give up! Subsequently, we gave John a few more similar cases with similar successful outcomes. I strongly recommend John and am very happy to have met him."M. Ladjevardian, Earth Stone LLC

"VLG represented my company in a partnership dispute involving rights to intellectual property and distribution rights. John is an aggressive, logical attorney with a strong competitive edge. He is honest and extremely loyal. I strongly recommend him." S. Kim

"John, I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude for the outstanding job you did to get my case dismissed. I truly appreciated how you kept me up to date on the progress of the case via email and when necessary by telephone. Not once did I feel that I had to be concerned, and for a want of a better expression, that you were not on top of the case. As a person who has worked with trial attorneys as a case consultant, I witnessed firsthand how defense attorneys can somehow 'evolve' a case into something more than is necessary. It was truly wonderful that you sought to avoid and cut short the costly process of litigation and discovery, and beyond. To have a majority of my retainer returned to me was more than I could have expected. Thank you for righting the wrong, and allowing me to keep focused on enjoying my life without worry or concern. I wish you all the best and continued success." R. Walters

"John defended my small business and me personally in a potentially devastating dispute with a former client. Through John's experience, depth of knowledge, and his uncanny ability to always be one step ahead of the opposition, the results were well beyond what I expected. He walked me through every step of the process and his dedication, hard work, and commitment to me, my business, and the truth secured a winning outcome. I highly recommend John and his outstanding team to my California friends and business associates. Thanks, John, for giving me back my life and reputation." M. Klipsch

"John is in the big leagues. He is extremely careful to examine the facts and investigate the legal issues. Several attorneys caved in with the difficulty and complexity of my case, but John is doing a great job of getting through the muck. I have faith that whatever comes of this situation it will be the best that human beings can accomplish." L. Engel

"John is the man! I have a debt negotiation company that performs business across the United States. My company was sued for alleged wrongful phone communications in Los Angeles, yet we are headquartered in Oregon. John told me upfront what to expect and for about how much he could negotiate an early settlement. He was very easy to work with and relayed news as soon as he received it from the opposing party or the court. Communicating with John was very comfortable and resolving issues was easy. I had no stress whatsoever and was fully confident he would do what he said. John defended our company aggressively and tactfully, and the end result was a dismissal of the action (with prejudice). Thanks John!" D. Studendorff

"While in search of an attorney it wasn't long ago that I was fortunate to have stumbled onto Vukmanovic Law Group's web page. After retaining John's firm, I found it comforting to be able to speak with a qualified attorney that was able to assess my personal situation and to carefully outline the choices and decisions to be made moving forward. John, you've been able to demonstrate through intelligence, expertise, and professionalism why you're an excellent asset to the legal community." S. Rosen

"John represented me and a brother in a very bitter family dispute regarding a family-owned commercial property in Los Angeles. John recommended an assertive approach, and within a couple of days of retaining his firm had a complaint for partition of the property filed with the court. Although having to deal with very emotional parties and often difficult circumstances, John was very persistent and navigated us through to a favorable outcome. Thank you so much John for being there for us from beginning to end." J. Arebalo