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If you are a co-owner of a residential, industrial or commercial property, and you can no longer agree with the other owners about the use, access, sharing of income, expenses, possession or management of the property, you have recourse. Vukmanovic Law Group (VLG) has assisted numerous clients in negotiating a fair division of their property, and when necessary, we have quickly instituted legal proceedings requesting a judicial sale of the property, or "partition" action. This aggressive approach often provides fast solutions, whether the other owners are cooperative or not.

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California Sale and Division of Property, Partition

In many situations, one or more co-owners are entitled to additional compensation at the time of sale and division of the property. A partition action serves as a final accounting between the co-owners relating to expenses for necessary repairs, improvements that enhance the value of the property, payments on encumbrances, and other expenditures for the benefit of the entire property.

For example, an owner who pays taxes or other charges against the property, or who expends time, labor or money for the preservation of the property, is entitled to contribution from the other owners. On partition by sale, such an owner is entitled to reimbursement for those expenses before division of the proceeds among the property owners. VLG's lawyers aggressively pursue and routinely recover such reimbursement for our clients.

Information About Partition Actions

In addition, California law provides that costs recoverable in a partition action consist of all expenses determined to have been incurred "for the common benefit." This broad category allows for the owner bringing a partition action to seek reimbursement for the partition itself, including reasonable attorneys' fees and related costs, in certain instances.

When the circumstances warrant, VLG has requested that a "receiver" or "referee" be appointed by the court to protect the rights and interests of its clients pending the sale of the property in dispute. The fees and expenses of the referee can be reimbursed as well, since they too are incurred for the common benefit.

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