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Defending Business Managers, Directors and Officers

Business Fraud Defense Law Firm

One of the advantages of forming your business as a corporation or LLC is that you have limited liability. In other words, if your company is sued and loses the lawsuit, you and your investors do not have to pay the judgment out of personal funds. There are situations, however, where directors, managers and officers can be held personally liable. If facing a lawsuit, our experienced business executive defense attorneys will assess your exposure and assert for your rights.

Vukmanovic Law Group, APC (VLG), is a full-service business litigation law firm. Our attorneys are experienced litigators who have spent their careers defending business managers, directors and officers. Contact our Los Angeles litigation firm online, or call 888-341-5942 to schedule a free consultation.

Aggressive Representation to Protect Your Los Angeles or Orange County Business

At VLG, we take very assertive, targeted early steps to force the claimant to produce evidence to support that a corporate manager, director and/or officer should be held personally liable. The business judgment rule has a high threshold for this kind of liability, and our aggressive attorneys make sure that if a plaintiff seeks to pierce the corporate veil, there is sufficient evidence to do so. If there is not, we move swiftly to dismiss these potentially damaging claims.

VLG's philosophy is to mount strong defenses, exposing the holes in allegations whenever possible to limit the liability of the company and its individual representatives. By forcing a plaintiff to disclose his or her theory behind personal liability, we can preemptively show a claim to be without merit and dismiss the case, or possibly narrow the claims prosecuted. Often, exposing the weakness in a plaintiff's claims early leads to a quick, favorable resolution through settlement.

Our California attorneys take the time to understand your business and your particular needs. When threatened with any type of potential dispute or full-blown business litigation, VLG is ready to defend you. Whether you are involved in a contractual dispute or litigation over other business disputes, VLG can help you protect your interests.

Contact Our Los Angeles Business Fraud Defense Attorneys

Contact our litigation defense lawyers online, or call VLG toll free at 888-341-5942. We offer complimentary consultations. Evening and weekend appointments are available upon request.

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