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Los Angeles Contract Fraud Lawyers

Has Your Company Been the Victim of Contract Fraud?

If one party is induced to enter a contract because of the intentional misrepresentation or deceit of the other party, there is recourse. If a business associate, partner or client has not been honest with you about a contract, or any material terms included therein, it can cost your company significant time and money. You are entitled to and should aggressively pursue all damages that have resulted.

If you suspect that you or your company has been the victim of contractual fraud, or your company is being accused of wrongful conduct, please contact our Los Angeles business litigation law firm today. Experienced civil litigation attorney John Vukmanovic will evaluate your case in a complimentary consultation. Call us toll-free in Los Angeles or Orange County at 888-341-5942.

Protecting Your Rights with High Quality Legal Representation

The issue of fraud is a complicated one. To constitute fraud, a misrepresentation generally must be false, and it must be "material" in the sense that it relates to a matter of some importance or significance, rather than a minor or trivial detail. Moreover, it must be demonstrated that the aggrieved party justifiably relied on the misrepresentation. Contractual fraud can include:

  • Misrepresentation — to state as a fact something which is false or untrue
  • Concealment — to omit or withhold the representation of a known material fact
  • Breach of contract — willful and intentional failure of a party to abide by any or all portions of a signed agreement
  • Deceptive, vague or ambiguous contract language

VLG has aggressively represented the interests of various clients in matters involving contractual fraud, from both the plaintiff and defense perspectives. Such clients include retailers, manufacturers, entertainment companies, restaurant chains and health care providers. If you find yourself or your company in a similar situation, we can help you achieve results.

Contact Our Los Angeles, California, Litigation Attorneys

You do not have to accept contractual fraud as the price of doing business. VLG has the sound business litigation experience needed to protect you and your company in disputes where fraud is being alleged. Find out more about the practical, efficient and high quality legal services we provide. Contact our civil litigation law firm online to arrange a complimentary consultation.

Call us toll-free at 888-341-5942. Evening and weekend appointments with a lawyer are available upon request.

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